Project: Collaborative

Collaborative Unit
0.0 Understanding Neo-tribe
0.0 Understanding Collaboration
1.0 Choosing a Tribe

Interview: Women in Tech

After I interviewed Stefania, a woman working in technology, I felt strong about the topic of “Women in Tech”. So I intend to interview more female technicians volunteering at the Restart Project. However, It’s not easy to find any. So the compromise is to find fantastic women working in technologies within my own network who are now or used to or plan to work in technology in order to identify a tribe they belong to. I would like to find out about the following in my interviews: 1) How do they define “Women in Tech”?-Their understanding of what that means… More

Crying out for Interaction?

#physical presence #space #monolog #Interaction I had an interesting conversation with my tutor today(like other interesting and inspiring conversations in other days). He said that he asked (fight) for an office space next to the classroom so that he can have more interaction with the students but not many people seem to seize that opportunity or grab that intention. It’s more like a thoughtless act (maybe an intentional one, who knows, English is not my first language) but it makes me think of the materiality/physical presence of interaction. A space, either physical or a virtual one, is needed for an… More

Understanding Tribe

#Understanding Tribe # Michel Maffesoli # Neotribe #Bruno Latour #actor network theory #Deleuze and Guattari (Rhizomes)… More