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I would like to challenge the idea of community and its segregation and congregation.

I’m speculating a scenario that when the whole world is gentrified, there are no distinction between different ethnic groups in Elephant and castle , but rather, the new order of the world is that community are formed solely based on the value of your estate and your consumption habit, therefore, the new normal is formed. There’s an invisible wall between each community.

In order to maintain the new value, the atmosphere, and the appearances they deserve according to, the new rule is demanded to defend each other’s territory.

People from the wealthy community would like to make sure only the right people show up in their community. An alert system is therefore established so that the unappreciated people are reminded to leave the community in due course.

When I walk pass the neighborhood, I experience both welcomes from the community that I’m worthy of and the rejection from the community that I cannot afford.

I got to a dead end when my wealth drops to the lowest and rejected by all the communities. I end up a homeless.