#Segregation and Congregation

I begin to speculate on the idea of The New World, a world separated from the old but is the reflection of it in an extreme way.

People are bonded by traditions, shared culture and they congregate and segregate based on their ethnics and shared interests, traditions and values.

The New world -Segregation and Congregation 1

Peoplemaps is a project designed to reveal the underlying social connections, groups, and communities within a specific geographical region. This is the social map of Baltimore that reveals a city’s intersections and separations.Each dot represents a person, each line represents a connection and each color block represents a community.

I picked this one as I’m drawing a comparison of people living in Baltimore and Elephant and Castle. I’m using this People Map as the model of the old world and the inspiration of the new world.

The New world -Segregation and Congregation 2

Reference: The Poverty Map: Charles Booth’s Inquiry into the Life and Labour of the People in London (1886-1903)
LSE Library’s Archive

Charles Booth’s is an English Victorian who did a comprehensive and scientific social survey of London life with one of the most striking products of the inquiry is the maps of London. The colored street by street to indicate the levels of poverty and wealth.

I compared the map from the past and the future. It’s interesting to see how the past provides insights of the present. The wealthiest area is always around the properties near the big roads. Therefore Charles Booth’s poverty map gives inspiration for the model of the new world.

The New world -Segregation and Congregation 4

The location is essentially linked to the poverty level at that time. Through comparing the maps from the past and presents days, there’s not much change in the structure of the city. Therefore I use this map as my new poverty map.


The New world -Segregation and Congregation 5