# parks

As I did not find much interesting stuff on the field research of the Shopping Center. I Looked around and find that there are so many parks around the neighborhood.

Idea 2 Green Park

I also found some interesting time-lapse video online comparing how human intervention and economic development changed the look of the land we use today. The green land is decreasing significantly. However, London seems to be a city still reserves lots of green space. I found that fascinating.

Idea 2 Green Park 1

This is the East Walworth Green link. There are 6 parks in the neighborhood.

Idea 2 Green Park 2

The green link is created by the 5 parks friends groups and constantly needs volunteers to help keep the park.

Idea 2 Green Park 5

The 5 parks friends groups is constantly fighting to maintain the size of the parks, especially the Nursery park.

Idea 2 Green Park 3

This is a project done by Code for American to solve the issue of digging out the fire hydrant in winter in the city of Boston. Code for American designed an App where people can use to name the fire hydrant and adopt it, and then be responsible for shoveling it out after it snows so that the fire fighters can work efficiently in case of fire.

I really like this adoption idea.

Idea 2 Green Park 4

What if the parks can be adopted? I think it might be interesting to turn it into my speculative project.