#Adopt a Park!

#failed prototype

I come up with the idea of adopting a piece of land in the park.
-What if people take ownership of the park land, will they become more responsible for their own behaviors? I came up with the idea of adoption.
-What would the park look like if people are adopting their piece of land of the park?
-What qualification needed for the adoption?
-What is the possible future of adopting a green land look like?

I created a workshop testing our the idea of adoption.

Adopt a Park! 1

I was planning to simulate a scenario that people take ownership of a piece of land and negotiate their territory, carry out planned construction and discuss on eligibility of ownership.

The result show that a workshop like this works better with more instructions and planning beforehand. There aren’t enough people showed up for some serious negotiations and conflicts to happen. However, we had fun and my interviews with participants indicate that they do enjoy the idea of taking ownership of the public domains and be responsible for it.

I then reflect on it and realize that it’s really difficult to prototype on the idea of taking ownership and test it out further.