#gender Identity # gender equality # Tate Modern

When I first started working on my Neo-tribe brief, I was very interested in the topic of gender equality. The idea originated from my participation of the Women’s March on the second day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. When failed to find a suitable feminine social activism group after several attempts and research, I put it aside.

I was following Lean In, an NGO that dedicated to empowering women in the workplace and encouraging female leadership. It arouses some interesting thought.For example, what is equality in the workplace? Should women act like men to be perceived as strong in leadership? what is female leadership, what is gender equality? I could not really reconcile with all of these questions. However, it is all around the idea of how women are perceived by the society and how women perceive themselves, the gender identity.

Identity Transfer 2 at Tate Modern is an interesting find regarding gender identity. It plays with the codes of the traditionally perceived feminine elements and challenges with your conventional thoughts of female identity.

I have no comment on this so far but will post more when I have one.

Identity Transfer 2 at Tate Modern