App Makes You A Dress Based On Your Data

It aims for a unique outfit designed just for an individual by collecting user’s personal data with an App and parsing it to a material that made the dress.

It seems to me that those personal data may include but not limited to weather, location, favorite color, gender, mood, heart beat, the trending color in that area, your sexual orientation. Then I imagine that the material of the outfit would change into a particular shape or style, for example, long sleeves or short sleeves, according to the weather and the occasion? I’m a bit skeptical about how creative the material can go as the interface of the Apps seems to provide only limited options. If you are only allowed to pick from the pre-programed style, how’s that different from picking an outfit at fashion shops, where it provides more seasonal options and of course, according to the weather?

I think we need to think again about what unique really means, does wearing the personal data on yourself really makes the outfit unique?

I would be interesting to look into the material used. It may have to be able to change its color according to the data parsed in. I can shape itself according to the shape of the user’s body and movement. It should be smart enough to be color sensitive because the user may not like a certain color or the occasion is not proper for a specific color?

In term of privacy, how much personal data are you willing to give out for fashion? How trustworthy is it to have an algorithm pick out the dress close to your heart than yourself?

Despite that, I’d love to try it but I’m not gonna wear it. How do you feel when you have personal information exposed to be seen in the public and walk pass by strangers in it? I feel naked with clothes on.